Pandemics, poetry, and publication

Isn’t 2020 a WEIRD year? I’ve been very lucky, though — in between all the weird stuff I’ve had some wonderful happenings, too. After my Paper Bird Fellowship event back in January, I had a poem published in the March 2020 issue of The School Magazine. This one’s called ‘The Button Jar’ and has a fabulous illustration by Cheryl Orsini to go with it.

The School Magazine March 2020

Also in March: I was interviewed by author Nadia L King about poetry and poetry writing. You can read that interview here.

Then, when all the social distancing started to happen (thanks, COVID-19), Paper Bird Books started the Paper Bird Books Home Club. On weekdays they host a children’s writer or illustrator on Instagram Live. And in Episode 10 I found myself in the Home Club chair talking about my poetry, where to get ideas, and what to do with a poem. You can watch my 1/2 hour video on the Home Club YouTube channel.

Rebecca Newman at Paper Bird Books Home Club

Make sure you check out this Monday’s visitor, too (it’s the fabulous Kathryn Lefroy!). Head to Paper Bird’s Instagram (@paperbird_books) at 10.30am AWST on Monday to watch that livestream.

And my LAST piece of news: This week I was selected as one of 8 poets for the next postcard series by Poetry on Postcards. My poem is called ‘Indian Ocean’. You can read about Poetry on Postcards here.

Now I’m at home all day (thanks again, COVID-19) I’m trying to get a bit of work done on my children’s novel. I’ve also done a lot more gardening over the past few weeks. To sign off with, here’s a photo of an overachieving sweet pea seedling. It grew so quickly that it made me laugh. (The tiny seedlings beneath it are strawberry plants.)

Sweet pea seedling

Happy Easter!

4 responses to “Pandemics, poetry, and publication

  1. Lovely to hear all your good news. You deserve it. I’m growing sweet peas too – sowed direct in my garden. Plus an assortment of flower seeds I saved from the woolies seeds thing last year..

    • Thank you, Sally. I started out planting vegetable seeds only, but it turned out I needed to plant flowers as well. 🙂 I’m counting down to the flowering in a few months.

  2. Rebecca, well done with all your achievements- amazing, persistence and talent pays off. Hope you are keeping safe, I am crafting, gardening and trying to knuckle down to write. x

    • Hi Lorraine, thank you! Hope all your crafting, gardening and writing goes well. Perth has finally remembered it’s supposed to be Autumn right now and I’m looking forward to getting all my seedlings into the ground. Stay safe. x