Here are two poems! You can read more of my poetry at the Poetry Tag blog and at the Australian Children’s Poetry site.

Odd socks

People say
your socks don’t match!
as if I didn’t know.
But socks that clash
have much more dash,
odd socks—
the way to go.

The principal bought black socks,
seven pairs, all the same.
He says his black socks always match,
I think that’s such a shame.

I close my eyes when choosing socks
one stripes, one spots,
one bright, one grey.
It’s better when my socks don’t match—
sock lucky-dips every day.
© Rebecca Newman

‘Odd socks’ first appeared in The School Magazine: Blast Off,  June 2014, issue no. 5.

Biscuit bother

My sister ate the biscuit
the last one in the jar,
I thought that I could sneak it
but I didn’t sneak it far —
as I snuck it past my sister
she gave an angry shriek!
It’s a problem when your sneakers
have more squeak than they have sneak.
© Rebecca Newman

‘Biscuit Bother’ first appeared in The School Magazine: Countdown, March 2015, issue no. 2.

2 responses to “Poems

  1. I love teaching poetry with your work Rebecca! It’s very accessible for my year 4 students. Thank you for spreading the love of clever wordplay to a new generation.

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